Do a Bunch of Stuff

by Nate Andrew


I think as human beings, it is in our nature to have grand ideas. It is in our nature to have an impact on something, whether big or small. It is in our nature to live our lives doing things. I have not met a person who wanted to do absolutely nothing and I don’t ever want to meet that person. Though not everyone has an urge to have a massive impact on the world, there are many that hope to, and there are a special few who hope to and actually attempt to. I have the pleasure of knowing someone matching that description.  She and a few of her friends in NYC, have developed a project with a simple goal, to inspire. The project is called D0_S0 or DO SOMETHING. Here’s the mission statement:

“Our mission is to simply inspire people. From everyday tasks to life-long dreams, we want people everywhere to live better, dream bigger, and reach higher in order to fulfill their true potential. D0_S0 strives to provide inspiration, direction, and helpful hints so that those who don’t know where to start or those who just need a small push, can finally Do Something. Whether big or small, anything is better than nothing. Don’t be a zero.”

Aside from motivating those with lack of direction, those with lack of passion, and those that just need an extra nudge out the front door, the project aims to aid established non-profits and recognize unknown people or groups making a positive impact in their community. It seems like a no-brainer to me. It is brilliant and unbelievably simple. Will it work? The people involved in its development are clearly motivated, so I have no doubts that it will succeed. But, the project could use some funding. They’re NOT asking for donations, just votes. The project is in a contest called “Start Something that Matters”, and if you can spare 2 more minutes of your time, visit the links below and VOTE for this project. Vote because it’s awesome and it’s a brilliant idea.  There’s only 2 days left for voting, so do it!